ogyakarta Special Region increasingly solidifies its image as a city of art and culture. Moreover, after being re-established as a Special Region under the auspices of the Yogyakarta Privileges Act, it is appropriate that cultural stretches including art, both tradition and contemporary, flourish in the area called the last Fortress of Javanese culture.
But of course this cultural activity requires a buffer in the form of cultural enclave in Yogyakarta. Several existing cultural enclave are indeed quite existent with cultural and artistic titles, such as Yogyakarta Cultural Park, Bagong Kussudiarjo Art Place, and UGM Koesnadi Hardjosoemantri Cultural Center.
Later, cultural enclave began to emerge throughout the Special Region of Yogyakarta which also showed their existence with regular and sporadic art and cultural titles, including:
1. Omah Petruk

Omah Petruk Cultural House is located in Hargobinangun Sleman, the location on the slopes of Mount Merapi does offer coolness coupled with the shade of trees in a fairly large area, it makes this location more suitable to be a comfortable retreat.
But Omah Petruk is truly a house of culture, in its wide yard, various kinds of sculptures which are quite large can be enjoyed, the mission of these statues is to show the tolerance of religious and cultural diversity that is maintained continuously by the Indonesian people.
Cultural events in the sense of art are also continuously carried out in Omah Petruk, both Wayang, dance, ketoprak and even Dangdut performances, the location of which is quite far from the center of Yogyakarta city does not dampen managers to continue performing arts and culture.
2. History of Java Museum

Museum as a House of Culture, why not?
The museum that was once a Pyramid, this café is not yet opened yet, aka it is still newly on progress, but its location has been publicly known as a Cultural event place, the Yogyakarta Art Festival was held here several times including the 30th FKY this year.
The History Of Java Museum itself, as the name suggests, is a museum that extends the historical chronicles of Java, especially in Central and East Java.
Not only displaying artifacts or Education Board, this Museum chooses to get closer to ordinary people by presenting other services such as diorama display rooms that can be used for self-photos, also equipped with display support technologies such as Augmented Reality or Cinema 4D.
Their culinary services are packaged in a miniature Malioboro, already famous as the heart of Yogyakarta’s tourist city.
And as a major part of why History of Java can be called Cultural Centre, A large stage is built next to the Food street “Malioboro” according to the plan to be used for the cultural and arts events, both periodically and non-regularly,

In addition, inside the pyramid-shaped building where the 1st floor is the museum’s collection room, the second floor is used for the gallery of showrooms and meeting rooms.
The emergence of a new cultural enclave does not mean that the artistic and cultural life in Yogyakarta will continue to be maintained, without the support of the community or the government, of course these cultural enclaves will be stopped.

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